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From therapist to boxmaker.


I felt it was time for me to develop my creative skills. I have always had an interest in wood and design. I was one of those children who always collected sticks and branches, my pockets were full of them and so was my room.


I took a course in cabinetmaking and design, I realized that details and precision was my domain. I specialized in boxmaking and did my internship in Ireland, with one of the best boxmakers in the world.


"Schatullmakare" is an old profession from the 1700s, they were skilled carpenters who produced high quality boxes. I come from a family with roots in the fine woodworking in Stockholm during the 1800s, so the step I have taken, feels just right.


Beautiful boxes have endless uses and I have the knowledge to make them.


Charlotte Mrani




Thank you to:
Jakob Tuchten for monogram and logo
Karim Kerrou Wide Angle Photography and Maria Torneus, photography
Flädie Food & Vineyard for shooting in their beautiful environment

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